Worlds Strongest Gay Documentary

Strong men can achieve the impossible.

In 2019 at the ripe age of 28, Rob Kearney, the world’s first openly gay professional strongman, defeated giants to achieve the greatest triumph of his career, the coveted Arnold Pro Strongman Australia competition.  Following his dream to become the world’s strongest man, Rob is competing in over 20 international Strongman competitions in 2020.  A rising star in the sport, Rob continues breaking records, shattering stereotypes, and helping us redefine what it means to be a man, a gay man, and a strong man.

In our age of toxic hyper-masculinity, Rob's story needs to be told and we need your help, BOOM!

In the GYM, documenting the sweat, perseverance, and dedication it takes to indulge in Rob's daily barrage of intensive training...

At HOME, in the kitchen cooking enormous amounts of food with his beloved husband Joey and their bulldog, Glitter...

And in COMPETITION, sharing highs and heartbreaks in a shockingly loving and supportive collective of giants known as professional strongmen. 

The unexpected camaraderie in Strongman is unique to competitive sports, inviting a reconsideration of what it takes to be not only a man, or a gay man, but a strong man.

Please support our efforts to get our documentary of Rob’s message of inclusivity and acceptance in all sports and beyond out there!